Music industry writing

I love writing about the music industry. Some of my best "classic" articles are below, but please check Click Track for the latest and greatest hits.

Profiles of music businesses

Inside Audioshake, using AI to recreate lost stems for hit songs
AI can help place classic songs into new works.
Songkick’s fall from grace
Most startups die of suicide. But Songkick was murdered.
Merck Mercuriadis and his billion-dollar empire are the heroes that songwriters need
Hipgnosis Songs Fund Ltd is a war machine air-dropping money to successful musicians.

How technology will change the music industry

NFTs won’t save the recorded music industry, but they might save the live events industry
NFTs don’t make music more enjoyable, but they could put an end to event ticket sellers’ dishonest practices.
Robots as rockstars: how artificial intelligence is the future of making music
We are Borg. Resistance is futile.
The music industry wants to build web3. But can they secure it?
Your DAO is a democracy... if you can keep it.

Music industry history

Inside the rise and fall of the record store chain Tower Records
From $1 billion in sales to bankruptcy five years later.
Eight business lessons from entertainment multibillionaire David Geffen
Swing for the fences.
The dark history of the jukebox: how the Mafia used murder to build music machine empires
Organized crime never sounded so good.

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